The Key Aspects Of World War II

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The Key Aspects of World War II Affecting the United States War is a terribly great thing. War shows dedication of soldiers taking a stand in what they believe in. War, to some, can symbolizes bravery, honor, and patriotism, but to others, it symbolizes death, violence, and lost loved ones. With these things in mind, also know this, World War II is considered to be the bloodiest war ever. It is also known as the war with the most innovations to our arsenal of weapons, and the advances that were made went unmatched. Through all the pain and suffering, the United States was able to pull through and win the war through four major aspects: Technological Advancements, The Holocaust, The Attack on Pearl Harbor, and June 6, 1944, better known as D-Day. Technological advancements during World War II made a significant change in what we know as war. Battles became far more violent and gruesome, but also made war much easier to have a clear cut winner. The first innovation was modern tanks and vehicles. As the need for mobility increased, so did the demand for innovations. Tanks gave both speed and protection to soldiers being transported, along with a significant increase in firepower (Advancements). Navy battleships from World War I used to rule the seas, however, during World War II, they did not have the same effect. Aircraft carriers were introduced to the world with quite a few promises. They offered a much greater attack range, along with a much heavier striking power. Due
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