The Key Concepts Within Modern File Systems

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2 Abstract
This essay will discuss the key concepts within modern file systems, ranging from simply defining what a filesystem is, to detailing what exactly a file consists of. Historical developments within file systems and storage technologies will be outlined, and state-of-the-art file system features will be described.
3 Introduction
Procrustes was an ancient Attican malefactor who forced wayfarers to lie on an iron bed and either stretched or cut short each person’s legs to fit the bed’s length. Finally Procrustes was forced onto his own bed by Thesius.
A similar Procrustean technique was applied to filesystems and data storage for many years. System architecture, data record / file formats and structures being twisted to fit many different and varied applications for which they were not suited.
The situation was much eased by the introduction of Indexing techniques in file / directory access systems but a real solution to the limitations of file, disk and partition size and speed of access were not realised until processing power increased, cost reduced and 16, 32 and 64 bit systems became available.
4 What is a File System?
A file system (sometimes written filesystem) is the method used to control the storage and retrieval of data on a storage medium. (4) It determines the way in which ‘files’ are named and how they are logically organised on a disk or partition. (5) Without a file system, data held on a storage medium would be one large block, with no method of…
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