The Key Issues That M & S Faced Developing And Implementing Its Strategic Plan

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Critically evaluate the key issues that M&S faced in developing and implementing its Strategic Plan

Corporate Strategy
Name: Jay Patel
Student ID: 77154870

Introduction 1
Company overview 1
Environmental analysis 2
Governance and Alliance Structure 4
Key issues facing M & S 5
Challenge of Strategy Development in a multiple stakeholder environment 6
Evaluation of the Strategic Options facing M&S 7
Recommendations 10
Conclusion 11
References 12

Strategic planning is defined as a process by which an organization outlines its strategy and makes decision based on the fulfilment of this strategy by the allocation of its resources based on achieving its strategic objective. The senior management of a company is usually responsible for formulating this strategy and hence it is important for them to understand the constantly changing environment to formulate and effective strategy (Mintzberg, 1994). The report deals with a retailing company known as Marks and Spencer (M & S) and the key issues that the company faced in developing and implementing its strategic plan.
Company overview
Marks and Spencer (M & S) was started by Michael Marks in Leeds in 1984 and later joint by a partner Tom Spencer. It is one of the largest retailer’s stores of U.K that sells clothes, home furnishings, food, gifts etc. and was formerly known as St. Michael. It has its markets in Europe, Far East,

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