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Your Key To Success:Healthcare Imagine a beautiful summer day; you are with your friends on the beach enjoying your summer vacation. You are sitting there having a conversation with your friends and all of a sudden your mother calls.She is crying her heart out and you ask her what’s wrong. She is unable to speak to you, all you hear is her crying in the background. Then she finally breaks the news that your dad got in a huge car accident. She tells you that there is no insurance coverage for health care provided for your family and it is going to be nearly impossible to pay back the bill with your mom just working alone, which could put your family financial troubles in a variety of ways. We have to understand the fact that the everyday people struggle to live because they have no health insurance provided for them. Affordable health care is important, like the food we eat, the bed we sleep in and it is a basic need for survival. It is important to maintain your health and get a regular checkup. Thousands of people die every day because they are not able to afford a medical treatment. Every Day thousands of people are suffering from not receiving a proper medical care, the government should provide healthcare to those who are in need of it. Receiving proper health care can help save one's life and make medical care affordable for every person. According to the American Politicians, Bernie Sanders in the article Health care is a right, not a privilege, he stated,

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