The Kikuyu Tribe of Kenya and the Oath-Taking Process

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The Kikuyu tribe and the oath-taking process Abstract: This paper discuses in regard to the Kikuyu people in Kenya and concerning their tendency to do everything in their power to respect oaths that they take. The oath-taking process typically lasts for very long and makes it mandatory for individuals who experience it to focus on acting in accordance with the cause that they join. Paper: Kenya is widely known for its witchcraft practices and for the fact that its inhabitants are particularly superstitious. Belief in witchcraft is normally encountered in Kenya in critical times when individuals are unable to recover from the crisis that they are in by relying on conventional institutions. This makes it possible for people to look for solutions in less normal places and it encourages witches to continue to perform rituals that are presumably meant to directly affect society. Even with the fact that many of these rituals are immoral in character and especially illogical, many Kenyans continue to perform them and to believe that they are probable to guarantee the wellbeing of their community. Murder rituals performed by individuals belonging to the Mau Mau community often happen across Kenya and stand as an example regarding how tradition can actually reflect negatively on a peoples. Although Kenya is a multicultural nation, the fact that the Kikuyu tribe holds a numeric advantage over other groups makes it possible for this people to be able to impose their authority

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