The Killer Penguin Phenomenon

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The Killer Penguin
In the arctic ocean, a scientist named Dr. Mr Person, a very intelligent man whose hair is a jungle, and has already cured cancer three years ago in 2017 is working on a Fish-Man Machine in his underwater lab. He is trying to find what is at the bottom of the ocean. This discovery of Earth’s oceans would be outstanding, and he’s going to do it by putting a penguin's flippers and beak with a killer whale's body, tail and head. The only tricky part would be getting the human's knowledge and memories in and out of the Fish-Man Machine.

While Dr. Mr Person was doing some testing on the penguin's flippers and his scientist in training, Dr. Gentleman was testing the killer whales they found something outstanding that lend them so close to the brink of discovery. They found out that killer whales, penguins, and humans brain are very similar and could be connected somehow. Dr. Gentleman ran over to the computer as fast as he could to record this data, but then something went terribly wrong. Then machine started to shake then it exploded. BOOM! Dr. Mr Person saw Dr. Gentleman and the animals get eaten by the fire of the explosion. Dr. Mr Person got up with his ears still ringing from the explosion, then out of the smoke came a penguin/killer whale hybrid.

He was astonished, he limped over to it and picked it up. He …show more content…

Mr. Person brought the Killer penguin to his computer and ran some test. But, it had ran across Dr. Mr Person’s computer and leaped off the table like a kangaroo. It ran around and pushed over some super sticky slimy solutions which shattered on the floor, but they were harmless to the Killer Penguin. Then it dove into the small pool that held the killer whale. “Strange”, Dr. Mr. Person said typing into his computer. Dr. Mr. Person said, “You must me so hungry you could eat a cow!” Dr. Mr. Person was not disappointed. He threw a big piece of cow meat in the tank, and he ate it with one gulp. “Fascinating!”, he mumbled to himself

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