The King Of Theseus : Father Of Aegeus And Aethra

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Theseus, son of Aegeus and Aethra, was born in a town called Troezen. At first, the father of Theseus was unknown, for Poseidon, the god of the sea, also had relations with his mother, Aethra. In the beginning, Aegeus, king of Athens, had put a type of quest for his son. He buried his sandals and his sword under a boulder and ordered Aethra to send Theseus, when he comes of age, to lift the boulder and take these treasures and head to Athens. When he came of age, Theseus did exactly what his father asked him to do. He lifted the boulder without any exertion, took the possessions and he left to Athens. This small act, later, showed Aegeus that Theseus was truly his son. Keep in mind that Aegeus have never met his son before. Therefore, when Theseus finally reached Athens, his father already remarried. Image result for Theseus Aegeus hadn’t recognized Theseus until his wife, Medea, did everything in her power to kill his son. She knew Theseus was the next heir of the throne and she wanted to make sure that never happened, But it was too late, Aegeus saw the sword that Theseus carried along with the sandals that he was wearing and he immediately knew his son was before his very eyes. Theseus was then crowned the next king of Athens. Mission after mission, fight after fight, Theseus grew stronger and wiser every day. He managed to fight and defeat many enemies that came to his path. It was until the great mission to Crete, that he knew his life wouldn’t be the same as it was.

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