The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently facing one of the greatest challenges since its founding in 1932. With the Iranian influence spreading across the Middle East, the Saudi response to the war in Syria is only one of many interconnected battles against Tehran. They must balance their desire to see Assad fall with the need to silence the religious message emanating from Isis, as both of these threaten their political system and way of life. This challenge is all the more complicated by the falling price of oil and the wavering support of the United States. The reluctance of the Americans to get overly involved will leave it up to the Saudis to provide air support, and help fund and train their Arab allies in their fight against Assad and the Iranians beyond the borders of Syria. Meanwhile, with their largest historic budget deficit looming, it has yet to be seen if this will be possible. Saudi Arabia has a clear stake in the fighting in Syria; by overthrowing Assad, they are weakening Iran. Weakening Iran is of great importance as their influence is spreading across the Middle East and threatens Riyadh’s security. After witnessing Tehran meddle in Yemeni and Iraqi politics, the Kingdom feel their enemies could push their minority Shi’a population towards rising against the Sunni crown. Therefore Iran must be weakened so that they are not strong enough to spur a Saudi revolution. The fight against Iran has evolved throughout the war. Along with the battles in Syria, it
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