The Kite Runner Character Analysis

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People go through many life experiences and live through the choices of their action that they can reflect upon and grow as a person. As shown in the “Kite Runner” Amir’s experiences throughout the story showed a progression of change and cultivation of his character from weak individual to someone strong. Although he made many poor choices and did not have the best of role models, from the interaction and experiences he had with others, especially his own father allowed Amir to evolve as a human and be cultivated as a decent man. Baba’s influence on Amir allowed him to change for the better with the fact that Amir emulated the better qualities of Baba and leaving out the other traits that he either realizes were not good or he could not emulate. Amir, despite not having a steady relationship with baba, still emulated many positive traits of his. For instance, Amir acquired the more selfless aspect of Baba, where he would sacrifice himself to protect the life of another. Baba had protected a woman from being raped by the Russian soldiers by speaking out against them despite the fact he could have died. Baba even out right stated to a soldier trying to get the woman that he would "take a thousand of his bullets before I let this indecency take place (97)”, thus showing a great sense of selflessness. Amir also replicates Baba’s action of selflessness through fighting for Sorhab and by going against Assef with the high risk of being beaten to death. Even when Assef had taken

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