The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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“There is a way to be good again” (Hosseini K. 2003) a line delivered by Rahim Khan Amir’s father Baba’s closest friend, to Amir in order to encourage him to help Hassan’s son escape Afghanistan and finally free him from the guilt of his past. The quote also embodies the struggle and salvation the novel The Kite Runner attempts to bring its readers. The book taps raw human emotions about life situations that challenges a person and brings out the best and worst in him, but the book also shows the value of personal redemption. The story begins during the innocent days of Amir and Hassan, despite being from different social statuses where Hassan is Amir’s servants. The two young boys were inseparable; Hassan was loyal to Amir and will do anything for his master. But one event changed their friendship drastically, after winning a kite tournament Amir lost his blue kite. Hassan promised to bring back the kite at all cost. After Hassan was late to come home, Amir searched for him only to witness him being raped by Assef, the neighborhood bully and the story’s main antagonist. Amir did not do anything to stop the rape. Despite what happened to him, Hassan brought back the blue kite to Amir with blood dripping from his pants. After that, Amir avoided Hassan at all cost and even framed him in stealing his watch. Hassan and his father left the household. But in the rise of the war in Afghanistan Amir and his family fled to the United States. Burdened by his decade-worth of guilt

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