Essay on The Knightly Code of Loyalty

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The Knightly Code of Loyalty is reflected in the modern book Breaking Dawn and the modern movie A Bug's Life. In Breaking Dawn, loyalty is reflected through Jacob Black who remains loyal to his wolf pack, the Cullens, Bella, and his true love, Renesmee. Loyalty is the feeling of devotion one holds for ones country, creed, family, and friends( It is remaining faithful to what you believe in. In King Arthurs time, the knights followed strict rules of chivalry, honor, bravery, and loyalty. Jacob Black is a Quileute Indian who is part of a legend. Jacob is a half human who transforms into a wolf during times of anger and fighting. He is only able to be a wolf during most of his young adult life.…show more content…
It states that a knight has the duty to protect the weak and defenseless and to respect the honor of women. Jacob protects Renesmee know mater what happens, and he always respects Renesmee and the rest of the Cullen Family. The Disney/Pixar movie A Bug's Life also reflects loyalty and other knightly acts. Flik is a worker ant who is also clumsy and a very independent thinker ( One day, one of Fliks new inventions goes hay-wire, causing the entire food supply to collapse and be ruined. This particular ant colony's duty is to feed not only themselves, but a gang of grasshoppers. But after Flik's mishap, the grasshoppers become angry with not only the ants, but also the Queen. In return, the Queen and the rest of the ant colony is angry with Flik for causing them misery. Flik decides to embark on a brave mission to help get a group of "warrior bugs" to help the colony stick up against the grasshoppers ( Flik wants to prove that he is loyal to the Queen and the colony. He proves that he is knightly by fighting for "the welfare of all," by serving the Queen with "valor and faith," and by obeying the Queens authority ( Flik may be a small ant but he has the loyalty and commitment to his colony of a knight. The movie A Bug's Life, and the book Breaking Dawn, are great examples of how the elements of chivalry, honor, bravery, and
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