The Knights of the Temple of Soloman

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The knights of the temple of soloman, more commonly known as the knights templar or just templars, were founded by hugues de payens after the first crusade. After the pope retook the forgotten holy land, new pilgrims from all around christendom wished to travel the new promised land. However, many found that the newfound holy land is more dangerous than they thought, even though it was now controlled by the catholic church. In 1120, hugues de payens approached king baldwin II of jerusalem and proposed a monastic order for the protection of the pilgrims. King baldwin agreedand gave hugues a headquarters in a wing of the royal palace at the temple mount in the captured al-aqsa mosque. The temple was also believed to be above the ruins of the temple of solomon. Fittingly, the crusaders named they’re new headquarters as solomons temple. From this location, the knights named themselves “the porr nights of christ and the temple of solomon”. However, the nine original knights had few financial resources and reliedon donations to survive. The knights made they’re emblem two knights riding a single horse, to emphasize they’re poverty. The templars status did not last long. Many leading figures found the templars purpose morally favorable and backed them within the early years of the order. They soon found a very influential advocate in ST. bernard of clairvaux, a leading clergy figure. At the council of troyes, bernard led a goup of leading clergy members to officially aprove and

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