The Korean War: The Causes Of The Korean War

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The foreign influence and conflicting leaders that the two sides of the war were instrumental in the cause of the Korean War. This is because when two sides have completely different ideologies, mass conflict easily sparks from just a small dispute. These conflicting ideologies were the causes for the two most powerful countries during the time period to battle against each other through the Korean War. The two sides, having completely different opinions on how to unify Korea lead to a dispute that would last three years as a war and cause large losses for both sides14.

The Korean War was also caused from the economic disorder because of the economic contrast and external effects. The economic contrast before the Korean War became a reason
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However, about 80%-90% of the minerals were concentrated on the North16. This uneven spread of minerals allowed for the North to have a larger mining based economy, while the South had to rely on the arable land to use for agriculture. Despite Korea only having around 20% of its land arable at the time because of the mountainous regions, South Korea had a relatively larger amount of land that could be used for agriculture17. This meant that even before the country was split into two, the northern region of Korea heavily relied on the south for food. Having a shortage of food in North Korea gave more reason for the country to invade South Korea in order to gain the arable land and agriculture that the North didn’t…show more content…
This is because of the external effects from foreign powers on the economy of Korea. The Soviet Union took power over North Korea making the country communist, while the United States and United Nations took charge of South Korea making it democratic. These two powerful countries not only affected the political ideologies as mentioned before, but also greatly impacted the economy of Korea. According to the National Bureau of Economic

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