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What role will immigrants have in the future of American crime? Unlike the past and the present, it is difficult to determine exactly what sort of role immigrants will play in the future. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2010) “The next half century marks key points in continuing trends — the U.S. will become a plurality nation, where the non-Hispanic white population remains the largest single group, but no group is in the majority” (p. 11). Estolano LeSar Perez, a researcher with Los Angeles 2050, says this could have a real impact on something that preoccupies many Americans: crime.
The LA2050 report imagines what Los Angeles will be like in 2050 through the lens of eight human development indicators: one of which is public safety. The study, like the U.S. census bureau, strongly concludes that by the year 2050 the rest of the country will closely resemble the city of Los Angeles today – diverse, with no clear ethnic majority (Perez, 2015).
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Crime rates in Los Angeles are the lowest they have been in decades, and they are continuing to drop. In 2014, the city of Los Angeles and the county of Los Angeles reported less than six hundred homicides, a dramatic reduction in an area that averaged over twelve hundred homicides a year just two decades ago. In fact Los Angeles – a city in which over thirty-five percent of resident were not born in the United States – has actually seen crime rates drop drastically faster than other major cities with fewer immigrants, and this isn’t the only study supporting the link (Perez,
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