The Language Of Technology Is Helpful For Communication

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The Language of Technology Language evolves along us as we grow up. I grew up talking Cantonese with my parents. At elementary school, I took ESL classes. With my brothers, I spoke Pidgin with them. As technology grew exponentially, language became a part of technology’s close companion. Social media has changed the way people have spoken in the past with new acronyms and new words, and connected people left behind in the social world. While people focus on the negative effects of social media, technology is helpful for communication in many aspects. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell experimented with the telegraph, to transmit human voice to a distant place using electricity ( It was later patented to become the first telephone to send the first intelligible sentence in 1876. Alexander Graham bell wrote in 1878, “I believe in the future wires will unite the head offices of telephone companies in different cities, and a man in one part of the country may communicate by word of mouth with another in a distant place." This shows that the phone was created to unite people from distant places. The internet was created back in 1960’s as a way for government to share information (USG). Back in the Cold War, the internet was used as a substitute to phones, as the internet sends information through packets, while all phones would go down when the phone line is cut. This shows that the internet is more reliable than phones and is created to increase communication.
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