The Lanyard, Forgetfulness, Hangover And Schoolsville

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Billy Collins is an American poet writer that is renowned for finding humor in many situations. Whether it be a poem about a hangover or the forgetfulness of an older man, he can always find a way to introduce humor to his readers. It is almost like he plans out every word of his poems to strike the reader just the way he wants to with his expert craft. The poems that I have found and analyzed and found the most humour in are The Lanyard, Forgetfulness, Hangover and Schoolsville.
The first poem I analyzed was The Lanyard. The speaker of The lanyard is a boy who tries to offer his lanyard that he made at camp to make up for all the loving care that his mother has gave him in his life. The boy addresses his mother as a very loving mother that has always taken care of him and done what is best for him. He talks up all the great things that his mother has given him and all he can give her is a lanyard. “She gave me life and milk from her breasts, and I gave her a lanyard.” “Here is a breathing body and a beating heart, strong legs, bones and teeth, and two clear eyes to see the world to read the world with, she whispered, and here, I said, is the lanyard I made at camp.” These lines from the poem are metaphors of not being able to give your mother what she deserves at a young age for all that she has done for you. No matter what you get her it will never scale to the amount to what she has done for you. The humour in this poem is sarcastic in a way because the speaker always

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