The Last Day of Humanity

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Prologue Purpose. The very word seems to carry with it the weight of progress, of advancement, of humanity. It is the fire that has burned in man’s heart since the dawn of civilization; a cunning tactician smiling to himself as humanity wins its battles. Purpose has driven us from the first fire to the final frontier; it is the father of civilization. Humanity advanced, quickly. With basic survival and a functioning society fulfilled, civilization sped up. Distances became shorter, entertainment became quicker, and life became busy. With life moving quickly, man lost time to think. And without thought to fuel it, purpose became sparse and unfulfilled. Mankind, in their vanity, began to attempt to eradicate the need for purpose. Society became shallow. It pressed upon its youth, its future, mindless norms disguised as purpose. College, careers, and retirements were laid out ahead of them, whereupon the latest generation began to goose-step into misery. Before long, midlife crises began to arise at ages as early as 16, a harrowing thought. Absent among all this anguish was purpose; 401(k)’s would not bring meaning to one’s life, nor would a management level position in a startup on the rise. Life was no longer about the means, but rather the ends. Consequently, joy became not an experience, but a material. A product, bought and sold in numerous markets, manufactured and pumped out of factories. Amongst this fiasco, we find a character. Lost in the darkness, he wanders,

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