The Last Four Analysis

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For my second art encounter, I plan to attend “The Final Four” on April 2nd in Houston, Texas, which will be played between the University of North Carolina and Syracuse University. I did research to get a little bit background information about the game. I looked at the source like and The New York Times, which are large trusted newspapers.
David Waldstein, authors of The New York Times, wrote an article “Seeded 10th, Syracuse is One of the Last Four Left”. In his article, Waldstein included the information of Syracuse men basketball. Such as, the struggle they have done to reach to the final four, ranking and history His review gives me some background on the history of Syracuse University. Mentioning, various incredible moments Syracuse University has achieved, such as great two comebacks against Chicago and Virginia, It also included the role and position of each player, which makes easier for me to analyze the role of each for when I watch the game. He also talks about the excitement of Coach Boeheim. Who have said after the game “It’s the best comeback I’ve seen at Syracuse”. On a process of finding the history of Syracuse basketball, I have found much information about Syracuse University, which includes the past information of …show more content…

Both of this review are trustworthy because it’s from The New York Times and The other reason for me to trust their review is because both of them have done more review on different topics which could also find on and the New York Times. For example, Jacob Pucci has done the review fo “Super Bowl Quiz” whereas David Waldstein has written a review on “When M.L.B Broke the Ice with a Game in Havana” by David Waldstein. By making these comparisons both of them are suggesting that Syracuse is proud to be on the final four, where they provide enough information about the Final4

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