The Last Innocent Suspect Of Elizabeth Howe

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The next innocent suspect was Elizabeth Howe. Elizabeth Howe was a blind Ipswich woman who tenderly took care of her husband with a kind soul. Her neighbors foolishly accused her of causing their youngest daughter and cows die, which Elizabeth truthfully denied. Soon more people had their animals injured, in which they interpreted as a supernatural sign of revenge. In court, her own brother-in-law, Captain John accused her of killing his sow and inflicting pain upon him and making his hand not able to work. Elizabeth had nothing to do with this, so she testified “God knows I am innocent of anything of this nature” (National Geographic Channel 2011). Even though her witness vouched for her and her character she was found guilty (National Geographic Channel 2011). Rebecca Nurse was yet another innocent woman accused of witchcraft. Rebecca was an elderly woman in poor health and a respected member of the church. In the court hearing, she protested her innocence, but when the young accusers started screaming out in fake pain acting like they were being tormented by her, this made her seem guilty to the judges and she was executed (National Geographic Channel 2011). Lastly, Reverend George Burroughs was the only Puritan minister to be accused and executed for witchcraft. He was very strong which made people think he was “satan’s pretest for evil.” When the reverend was on the ladder for his execution, he recited the Lord’s prayer which, supposedly, witches were unable to do.

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