The Last Supper : A Painting Painted Leonardo Da Vinci

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Billie M. Gordon
Professor Welborn
Art History 101
21 September 2015
The Last Supper The Last Supper is a mural painted Leonardo da Vinci. He was considered a “Renaissance Man.” Leonard da Vinci was born in 1452 in a village a few miles from Vinci, Italy. His father, Piero da Vinci was a Florentine notary and his mother was believed to be a peasant woman named Caterina. Leonardo da Vinci did not have much formal training outside of reading, writing, and math. At the age of 14, Leonardo da Vinci became an apprentice to the artist Verrocchio. He learned metal work, leather arts, carpentry, drawing, and sculpting. This set the tone for the many contributions that Leonard da Vinci would make to the World of Art. The Renaissance time period was considered a time period where new painting, sculpting and architecture techniques were invented. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the prevalent artist to contribute to this. During the Renaissance period, artist often used religious figures such as Christ, Madonna, and the Virgin Mary in their sculptured and paintings. Leonardo da Vinci created many works of art including The Madonna and Child, The Last Supper, The Mona Lisa, The Vitruvian Man to name a few. Very few of his painting were completed, as he was known to focus on other things such as nature, dissecting bodies, scientific laws, and writing about his observations (History). Leonardo da Vinci was also known for developing concepts for the helicopter, tank, and the

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