The Last Supper By Ugolino Di Nerio And Leonardo Da Vinci

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Reaction Essay “Last Supper” The Purpose of the paintings of the “Last Supper,” by Ugolino di Nerio and Leonardo da Vinci, were to portray the betrayal of Jesus Christ by of one the twelve apostles, as they are having the last meal. Jesus Christ mentions to his apostles that there is going to be a betrayal amongst them. All twelve apostles had mixed feelings of anger, fear, and surprised. Later on, it turns out that Judas, one of the twelve apostles, had told the authorities about Jesus so he can be arrested then later crucified. The paintings show a dramatic scene after the claim by Jesus Christ. The paintings give us insight to get the reader interested in the painting of “The Last Supper,” how the cultures that produced those paintings change the way we paint today, and how both paintings influenced the Renaissance era. First of all, The painting of “The Last Supper “by Ugolino di Nerio, shows the twelve apostles sitting across from and besides Jesus Christ, the painting looks very crowded, as the ceiling and the walls are very close, with extreme proximity between Jesus and the apostles. The painting by Nerio is shown as if the scene was enacted in a closed room with no windows and no sunlight, Also, the heads on some of the apostles, look like it is twisted to the other side of their bodies, there is no gap to show a smooth head turn to the right or to the left. Nerio’s painting shows, eleven out of the twelve apostles exhibiting a golden circular plate or crown

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