The Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance
Would it not be nice if we could go back in time to experience the Renaissance for ourselves? Being able to walk down the streets of Florence, Italy and experience this time period that not only gave rebirth to old values and artistic ways of statement, but also were a period of great individualism. (make this into a sentence…add a subject and a verb to make it flow). Indeed, Renaissance was a period of great individualism based on old traditional values.
The Renaissance had its start in Florence Italy and was inspired by the values of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. During the Renaissance, people from various levels of society began to study classical literature and art. …show more content…

These people were all individuals each of whom made great contributions in their field by understanding and learning from the past and bringing that into their works.
Leonardo da Vinci is a good example of the perfect personification of the Renaissance belief in man's power to shape his own destiny and to shape the world as an individual. He was born as the illegitimate son of a Tuscan village notary and a 16-year-old peasant girl, and was said to have died in the arms of the King of France. Throughout his life, Leonardo da Vinci accomplished many things as both a scientist and an artist. One of his greatest works is The Last Supper. It represents the theme of Jesus sharing a last meal with his disciples telling them that one of them will betray him. The interesting part here is that da Vinci brings a classical theme to life, but he does it using an experimental technique that unfortunately was doomed from the beginning and caused the

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