Sacrament Of The Last Supper Essay

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The Sacrament of the Last Supper by Salvador Dali Salvador Dali’s painting, The Sacrament of the Last Supper (oil on canvas, 65 ¾ x 105 ½ in., c. 1995), has become one of his most iconic paintings from his “late” period. This painting portrays one of the most famous scenes from the Bible, the Last Supper, depicting the twelve disciples eating their final meal with Jesus. This scene has been created many times throughout history by many different artists. However, through Salvador Dali’s use of equal symmetry, the uncommon setting he chose and the interesting perspective and focal points, he was able to recreate a completely unique version of this common biblical scene while adding his twist of surrealism. Much like the many other depictions…show more content…
This painting depicts the scene from the Bible known as the last supper, where Jesus and his twelve disciples ate their last meal together before Jesus died. Dali is not the only artist to paint this famous scene, Leonardo Da Vinci, along with many other artists, created their own version as well. The difference is that Dali used his surrealism background to create this scene in a completely unique way. Instead of painting the twelve disciples of Jesus as individuals, Dali painted them symmetrically so that each man had another mirroring the same pose across the table. This element, along with placing the setting of the last supper in a dodecagon and showing the beautiful background, creates a calm and peaceful environment for the disciples to pray. Dali also created two focal points in this painting, while most artists tend to only choose one. The floating torso is obviously the surrealist element of this painting, but also completes the message that Dali is communicating. Though the three elements, symmetry, setting and focal points, Dali created a completely unique rendition of the last
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