The Last Toast By Dr Zhivago

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gaining momentum in which Stalin toasted the writers saying, “Here someone correctly said that a writer must not sit still, that a writer must know the life of a country. And that is correct. Man is remade by life itself. But you, too, will assist in remaking his soul. That is important, the production of souls. And that is why I raise my glass to you, writers, the engineers of the human soul.” (Finn, Couvee 5). While Stalin may have toasted the writers in that moment, much like Ahkmatova discusses in her poem “The Last Toast” this speech on Stalin’s behalf was filled with lies that ultimately betrayed the writers of the Soviet Union, because rather than helping to engineer human souls, those who went along with the propaganda and Stalin were crushing their own souls, the souls of their colleagues, and the souls of a country.
Throughout Dr Zhivago we see Pasternaks protagonist experience a loss of idealism and hope for what Revolution meant to his people and his country. At the beginning of the revolution, Pasternak seems to embody Zhivago himself in regards to his idealism towards revolution as he writes, “I watched a meeting last night. An astounding spectacle, Mother Russia has begun to move, she won’t stay put, she walks and never tires of walking, she talks and can’t talk enough. And it’s not as if only people are talking. Stars and trees come together and converse, night flowers philosophize and stone buildings hold meetings.” (Pasternak 170). However, this idealism

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