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Unlike Westerners, New Year is extremely important in Asian countries. It is a chance to reunite with one’s family after a period of time. Thus, many people, no matter what they do, will try to make time to come back home on this special event. In China, with the overwhelming population, more than 130 million migrant workers try to get back to their home villages. This is the result of the half industrialization process, where the country is caught between its rural agriculture past and rapid economic development present. “Last train home,” a movie directed by Lixin Fan, sheds a light on the difference between the rural and urban areas. At the same time, the movie secretly makes the viewers wonder what they should do if they are in the…show more content…
Thus, it gives off an agricultural vibe. At the same time, the neighbors are not being shown in the film as well. Therefore, one can conclude that there are not many people in the region. However, with the movie involves with the life of the Zhang family, many scenes in the cities are shown as well. Unlike rural area, huge constructions, large housing complexes can be found everywhere. Most of the colors can be seen in this area are dark. The buildings are black, with the smoky gray sky, and gases coming out from vehicles. One cannot see the horizon line as the buildings already block the view. Even the room of Zhang house and the room where the husband and his wife live also reflect the difference. The room at Zhang house, which is at rural area, is bigger, with more space. However, the room Qin, their daughter, has in Guangzhou is barely consisted of beds. She does not own it but has to share the room with her friends instead. This idea of sharing room alone demonstrates the crowdedness of the cities. People do not have large space to stay in; they have to squeeze themselves into tiny rooms. To the migrant workers, perhaps, the room is not a room; it is merely a place to sleep after working. As the lifestyle in city is faster paced, all everybody seem to focus on is working. Meanwhile, the village’s lifestyle is more relaxed with slower pace. As the movie continues, the conflict between Qin and her parents is getting worse. She quits

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