The Last Year'S Terrorist Attack In Belgium Raises More

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The last year 's terrorist attack in Belgium raises more serious question in regard of national security issues in the western world. After the Paris attacks, the Belgian authorities have been working hard to protect their people, and fighting against the terrorism. However, their security measure failed to defend with terrorist attack at Brussels International Airport and City metro station. This new attack exemplifies the weakness of the Belgium 's security forces, and explores the tactics about the ISIS terrorist groups that hide and work in Western countries. I believe ISIS has been losing their territory in the ground, which means they are defensive on their tactic. So, they have been focusing on different tactics to terrorize people …show more content…

Governments are morally obligated to provide safety and security for their people through guided national and international principles. ….. states that, "a social-psychological approach affirms that intergroup and international conflict can be understood only through a multilevel analysis, ranging from the individual to the social-system level with special attention to the power of group and intergroup dynamics" (Bar-Tal, 2011, p.63). Both parties have moral responsibilities to carry their interest, and gain trust from their target groups; even though, terrorist acts are immoral and unaccepted by the majority of people.
The ISIS propaganda against westerners, their followers, and national and international media plays vital role to carry out the terrorist act. There are videos of smiling suicide bombers and insurgent ambushes provide powerful massages about jihadist movement. It could be inspiring propaganda for possible followers, and threat for oppositions. Looking at the recent incident in Belgium, suicide attacks seem very difficult to track and fight against the terrorism. We have seen many videos and pictures from these terrorist groups in recent years, such as kidnappings, killing, and threatening, as well as preaching about Islam and God in the radicalized ways. ISIS wants to threaten westerners not to visit their territory, and not involved in conflict in the Middle East. ISIS is aggressive with the U.S. lead coalition because of military intervention in Iraq,

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