Discrimination In Australia Essay

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Although many Australian’s exhibit low levels of Islamophobia, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that there is growing discrimination towards Muslims in Australia, as the rate of terror attacks increases. As a result of lack of knowledge and close-mindedness, Muslims are wrongfully feared and blamed for the acts of Islamic Extremists. As explained, many religions do not support discrimination of any form; however, many people can disregard their religious teachings as they respond to the events that are occurring in the world. This is acceptable in a sense for the world to stand as one against terrorists; although, it is irrational to blame all Muslims for the actions of a selection of people. In today’s world the population may find it difficult to make distinction between regular Muslims and extremists, as well as all others in the world. Muslims do not necessarily have to have a particular racial background, as a Caucasian Australian with an Australia background can select to be a Muslim religion and can revert to a member of ISIS if intended. In retrospect, this aspect of the discrimination can be seen as there…show more content…
A study was undertaken by the University of South Australia in 2015, with a representative sample of 1000 Australian adults. The study focused on their perceptions of Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups, with a special reference to Islamophobia, social distance and terrorism. The study suggested that 70% of Australian’s have a very low level of Islamophobia, about 20% are undecided, and 10% are highly Islamophobic .
In current media there are constant stories of terror attacks including bombings, shootings, and sieges. Many of these assaults have been undertaken by the religious extremist group, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), which have stemmed from the basic religious teachings of
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