The Laughing Man By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Laughing Man In our daily lives there exists both the real world, and a fictional world. Sometimes, especially when we were children, we find ourselves living more in that fictional world. Why wouldn’t we? This is our safe place, a place where it can become so just by thinking it. We have total control over what happens in our fictional world. Nothing is supposed to go wrong there, right? In the short story The Laughing Man, a nine year old boy recounts his experiences in New York City, in the year 1928. The Laughing Man portrays how several young boys will soon realize that even in their safe, fictional world, things go wrong and how soon they will lose the innocence of their youth. The story starts out about a man, by the name of John Gedsudski, who is over an organization of young boys known as the Comanche Club. The boys who belong to this club call Gedsudski the Chief. Every day the Chief takes the boys on some sort of outing, usually consisting of playing some sort of ball. The day is usually ended by the Chief telling part of the long, drawn out fictional story called The Laughing Man. What the boys did not realize at first was, that the Chief is actually the Laughing Man. The story of The Laughing Man was a symbol of youthful innocence and an escape from the Chief’s own personal life, in the story the Chief could
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