The Laws Of Child Protection

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“The laws relating to child protection is complex, polices are specific and the guidelines are numerous. (Shulman, 2012, p. 328). Being a student social worker I will need to be aware of the legalisation that will guide my practice. As always the NISCC Code of Conduct is the base for the way I conduct my practice. The Children’s Order (NI) 1995 Article 3 tells us that the welfare of the child is paramount. This piece of legalisation sets out the powers and duties the agency has in relation to Children in Need. A child must be seen within 24 hours of a referral being made, as a social worker I have a duty to investigate, this is set out in Article 66 of The Children’s Order (NI) 1995. It may be beneficial to look at the four parts of the helping cycle which are Assessment, Care Planning, Implementation and Review. (Taylor and Devine 2004) this cycle may provide a firm foundation for the social work process. “Each assessment covers three key areas relating to the development of the child, the capacities of parents and caregivers to respond to needs and the impact of wider family and environmental factors” (Parker & Bradley, 2010) This can be linked to Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model of how a child’s environment affects their upbringing. UNOCINI is an assessment tool used to assess children’s needs. The Department of Health hopes that the UNOCINI framework will be used as a tool to help identify the needs of children at an early stage, so they can intervene before

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