The Lawyer Who Works On Commercial And Corporate Area

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Memorandum Lang Peng 4167 Part I: After interviewing with the lawyer who works on commercial and corporate area about some relevant areas that have been taught in class, he answered as follows: • What do the commercial lawyers do? He answered that they usually deal with cases involving disputes concerning contracts and financial transactions, and assist clients in a large amount of general corporate matters and in the financial investments. For instances, how to form a company, how to select corporate structure, and figure out how to get access to potential transactions. Besides, they cope with issues relating to commercial paper, secured financing, and Uniform Commercial Code matters. • Where do they practice? He answered that they generally work in different size of firms of, and in-house legal department, some of them work in government entities. Others may work in public interest organizations, private industry and private association, or doing legal aid. It really depends upon personal preferences. • What are the skills needed to succeed? He listed many abilities, like intellectual curiosity and capacity, psychological skills, strong analytical skills, strong organizational skills, strong interpersonal skills, counseling skills, strong writing skills, strong research skills, attention to detail, ability to handle complex issues, creativity, adaptability, confidence, excellent judgment, strong business sense and ability to understand client’s business,
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