The Leader Of The Bootlegging Operations During The War On Drugs

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Throughout times there have been many great leaders and societies or organizations that have risen to power that has attracted the looks of many. During the prohibition it was Al Capone’s gang and during the war on drugs it’s the Mexican Drug Cartel and their leader Omar Treviño Morales. The two groups follow similar paths, at first glance they have different types of leaders but they have grown to power in similar environments that deal with their enemies in a similar fashion.
With every great criminal organization there is always a great leader showing the way. The leader of the bootlegging operations during the prohibition was a man named Alphonse Gabriel Capone or as he is better known as, Al Capone. Al Capone was a man that was well respected as well as feared and sometimes even revered due to his untouchable nature. He was the leader of the Five Points Gang, which was an influential gang during the era of the prohibition. He focused on bootlegging operations rather than drugs because of the high demand. Bootlegging is “ U.S. history, illegal traffic in liquor in violation of legislative restrictions on its manufacture, sale, or transportation.”( He grew an empire in a time of demand, in Chicago, and became a celebrity because at the time he led a revolution in organized crime. The most prominent leader of the Mexican Drug Cartel is Omar Treviño Morales who took the seat of power after his brother Miguel Treviño Morales after being arrested by the

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