The Leading Factions Within Islam

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The differentiation in ideology of the leading factions within Islam, ironically, has introduced a unifying political philosophy into the region, Islamism. The concept of Islamism defines the governing body’s political claim as a biased interpretation of Koran and its employment of force to vindicate revolutionary violence in the name of Islam (Arjomand Web). The political theory inadvertently ferments political tension by dividing Islam itself within a categorized system (Armojand Web). A similar form of classification was experienced by Iran during the 1970’s and the 1980’s which led to religious factions such as Sunni and the Shia resolving to violence in order to solve long-lasting cultural differences (Tibi Web). The facts assert that even minuscule neighborhoods were divided into Sunni and Shia territories with frequent emigration of a minority group to claim the region (Gosh Web). The historical trend of violent resolution is also eluded to by Khaled Hosseini in his literary works via repeated instances of horrendous domestic strife by the male members of the family in order assert superiority through violence (Hosseini, Thousand 89). The “…sociopolitical and economic…” stances of independent Islamic state induce religious vows into such chaotic instances through Sharia law in order to accomplish personal gains of a political movement through military actions against the alleged enemies (Tibi Web). The regional tensions mentioned have additionally been directly

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