The Learning Of Students With Severe Disabilities

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This article discusses the use of grade level biographies adapted and read to students with severe disabilities and then using least intrusive prompts and organizers to answer comprehension questions starting with wh and sequence of the story. Previous studies used time delay and task analysis to study the learning of students with severe disabilities. Para professionals showed constant time delay worked for students learning science and history. Students with severe disabilities were also taught using multiple exemplar training and graphic organizers.
In doing research in this article four students were studied all are diagnosed with autism and severe intellectual disabilities.. The first student a girl was …show more content…

All answers included picture symbols. Graphic organizers were also created for this study. The first organizer was used for sequence while the other helped to answer wh questions.
Baseline and intervention A multiple probe design was used starting with Wanda and increasing the instruction of the other participants at later dates. Baseline data was started and conclude over five sessions. It showed very low or descending data. Students were introduced to the interventions in a in a time lagged manner until all students had completed the interventions. WHen students answered correctly a plus was placed on the data sheet if the students answered incorrectly a minus was placed on the data sheet. During baseline, the interventionist would show students the book and explain that they would read a biography and answer questions. Graphic organizers were placed on the table and after reading a section a comprehension question was asked. During baseline, whether students answered questions correctly or not the interventionist continued reading. During intervention, if a student answered incorrectly prompting began. The first prompt included restating the question and the rule that went with the wh word. Prompt two included the interventionist reading the sentence that include the answer, showing the actual answer, rereading the question and the answer choices. Prompt 3 included

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