Marvin Redpost Alone In His Teacher's House By Louis Sachar

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On October 14, 2015, running record number one was completed. The host teacher provided the reading material to use with the student for this assessment. The material is a small section from the book, Marvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher’s House, by Louis Sachar. After moving to a quiet place to work, the teacher candidate provided the student with a copy of the passage and details regarding what they would be working on during this session. The teacher candidate explained to the student that as she read, the teacher candidate would be following along and making notes on her copy of the passage. As the student reads the passage, the teacher candidate placed check marks over words the student read correctly, circled words the student read incorrectly, and marked “SC” to represent self-corrected by the words the student corrected after reading them incorrectly. After completing the …show more content…

The teacher candidate and the student moved to a quiet place before beginning this assessment. The student was given instructions to begin reading the paragraph when the teacher candidate said start and to stop reading when the teacher candidate said stop. As the student read the words on the student copy, the teacher candidate marked a line through incorrect words and wrote “SC” by words to indicate the student self-corrected those particular words. The teacher candidate provided assistant with words that are underlined on the assessor’s copy. After completing the timed portion of the assessment and marking where the student ended after one minute, the teacher candidate read the entire passage to the student so they could discuss the events and elements found in the passage. The teacher candidate later filled in the required information on the assessor’s

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