The Left Brain vs. The Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning;

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Have you ever heard that old saying that humans only use ten percent of their brains? Or that you’re a right or left brain thinker? Well there has been a lot of research done to figure out exactly how to figure what side of the brain you think with most and how our brain functions and operates. Doctors, scientists and psychologists have all looked deep into the brains anatomy to help figure out the different functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and how to identify dominant learning styles and characteristics. “The side of the brain we tend to use more may determine our learning styles, not to mention instructors’ teaching methods”(Ryo, 2012 par. 4).
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One of those methods where using quizzes, they would comprise a quiz of ten questions based of two options to choose from. Also the teacher would take a similar quiz to help themselves identify their dominant side of the brain and there learning styles so that they could adjust there teaching methods, so they wouldn’t be teaching only based off of their natural learning styles (Oflaz, 2011). In addition to brain dominance, theories and studies have been done to find out what each side of the brain controls what certain functions.
Nobel prize winner Dr. Roger W Sperry has provided a lot of knowledge and information covering the different sides of the brain and how they differ from each other. He was known for conducting split-brain research, which means cutting the corpus callosum that connects the left side to the right side of the brain (Morris, 2006). Most of the research was performed on these people because they where patients suffering from brain damage or epilepsy (Morris, 2006). One of his patients was asked verbally “what do you want to do?” and simultaneously was supposed to reply using scrabble letters, he replied “draftsman” and with scrabble letters replied “ automobile race” (Morris, 2006). Clearly Sperry figured out that his patient was seeing something different than he was thinking. A quote from Sperry that summarized his research was, “Everything we have seen indicates that

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