The Left Sided Angel: Devil And New Ideas

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The Left sided angel is a sculpture that has resided in the same spot on the Iowa State campus for almost twenty years. As one of the more unique sculptures on campus, it is probable that the most of the students who have walked past it in the last twenty years have wondered about the meaning behind it. One interpretation is that is represents the devil and new ideas. The Left Sided Angel is a large sculpture located on the northwest side of the Iowa State campus, more specifically, on the east side of the front entrance to the library. The sculpture is male form lacking arms and missing one right leg, which looks almost broken off. He does however have a left leg and a wing-like object attached to its back. The entire sculpture is centered on a raised platform. The details on it are minimal, and the artist only used only black and green colors for the whole sculpture. The area directly surrounding it is a garden with three small trees that frame the sculpture. The figure faces the south into a very large brick wall both, which is both tall and wide, about 4 stories or the same height as the library. (put these …show more content…

Known as the fallen angel, the devil could very easily be the representative this sculpture, due to the broken leg and missing wing, appearing to have come from a traumatic event, such as a large fall. The wall suggests a banishment, as he will never be able to cross it, possibly meaning the Devil’s inability to return to heaven. There are trees framing the sculpture and plants placed around it like a garden. The garden area is a representation of the Garden of Eden where the devil convinced Eve to take the forbidden fruit. Since the fruit came from the tree of knowledge, it is fitting that the sculpture be flanked trees. It also gives meaning to the choice to place the sculpture by the library, which is a center of knowledge for the entire

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