The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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you are going to learn a lot about five of the president that this country has had.The five presidents are Abraham. John Kennedy. Ronald Reagan George washignton

Anytime before 1778 Lincolns dad wasn 't born but, "In 1778 Lincolns dad was born"(Abraham,Lincoln). he was the 16th president and is on the penny. do you know him if not you will soon. he is Abraham Lincoln. he was born on febuary 12 in 1809. and in 1811 moved to a 230 acre farm in kentucky. and his brother tomas died in 1812. Three years later he moved to 1817 he shot his first and last turkey because he didn 't want to kill animals. in 1818 he got kicked in the head by a horse and was thought to be dead at age 15 he liked to be called abe. in 1820 to 1824 he went
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in 1960(john.F.kennedy) At age 24 he was the youngest president kennedy faced a difficult battle against his republican opponent he ran for president and he got it. Then he sent peace corps they were young volunteers. john was one of the most popular presidents. john became a international icon. everybody wanted to be like 1963 he was assassinated by lee harvey and he would be known as a communist he was arrested for the killing but he was shot by jack ruby while he was being led into the jail. John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan Are connected for being presidencies.

Ronald reagan he was born 2/16/1911 he fought more military operations than any other presidents. his nickname was dutch. as a kid he worked as a life guard. After he signed. A contract with warners and for the next 3 decades he appeared in more than 50 movies. he adopted a son in 1948. then Ronald and Patricia Reagan had 2 kids. In the middle east Reagan sent 800 troops marines(Ronald,Reagan). The marines were supposed to be peace keeping but they kept it just under control no more riots or fights. In 1984 ronal was re elected beating his opponent by a landslide. Reagan had 44 out of the fifty states votes. that election is the biggest landslide the U.S has ever seen. Ronald Reagan and George Washington are connected by being presidents.

George Washington was known for a lot but he 's not known for being "leader of the continental army."(Washington,George)George Washington
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