The Legacy Of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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The Legacy of Amy Tan The American voice is the capability to renovate and challenge stereotypes of America through copious amounts of literature. The American voice is incredibly unparalleled because of the tremendous sacrifices, tragedies, and challenges authors have endured and conquered. The events that are formative to the American voice are the differences and uniqueness between America and other foreign countries. The people that formulate the American voice are American writers that express their thoughts, feelings, and decisions through poems, short stories, and novels. The American voice was formed by the diversity of people and the struggles they overcame; therefore, hope and loss are common themes throughout the creation of the …show more content…

The common theses of Amy Tan’s work include hope, loss, mother-daughter relationships, failure, and success. Amy Tan is extremely effective in connecting with the reader through themes and lessons. The prominent theme of mother-daughter relationships is evident in The Joy Luck Club because “[her] mother believed you could be anything you want in America” (Tan 132). The effect and influence of mother-daughter relationships is evident in The Joy Luck Club because it demonstrates the formation of the American voice by expressing the deep connection intertwined between four women and their daughters that were born in America. In the novel, Aunti An-Mei hoped that “in America, [she] will have a daughter just like [her]. But over there nobody will say her worth is measured by the loudness of her husband’s belch. Over there nobody will look down of her, because I will make her speak only perfect American English” (Tan 17). This quote encompasses hope for a new life in America that will provide an opportunity for her daughter to fulfill her own dreams and goals for the new future ahead in America. This quote also demonstrates the theme of mother-daughter relationships by making a point about wanting the best for her daughter in America in every

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