The Legacy Of Christianity And Destabilized The Pre-Roman Empire

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Although Christianity destabilized the pre-Roman Empire, the legacy reigned throughout history, resulting in a stabilized government, devotion from followers, and overall, shaped and impacted the lives of average civilians. Average people throughout Western Europe devoted their lives to Christianity, performing tasks “in the name of God,” and donating wealth to the poor and church. Christianity eventually became part of the establishment, therefore rulers influenced and enforced Christianity upon society. Jesus Christ used his teachings to gain followers and spread Christianity through inclusivity of the oppressed: women, the poor, and the dispossessed. Christianity spread throughout Rome and created disorder because it was not part of the establishment. During his time in the first century, Jesus preached to villagers and recruited twelve disciples to spread his ideas, known as apostles. The oppressed contributed to the spread. Jesus’ ideas gave women confidence and power. Timothy 3:11 in the Holy Bible states “In the same way, the women are to be worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything.” In previous times, society oppressed women, but the Bible and teachings of Jesus empowered and gave respect towards women. On the other hand, the wealthy prevailed over the impoverished. Christianity entitled the poor and urged the privileged to help, as stated in Deuteronomy 24:14-15, “You shall not oppress a hired servant who is poor

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