The Legacy Of Lincoln Electric

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Lincoln Electric has been manufacturing welding equipment since the late 1800’s. The company is headquartered near Cleveland, Ohio with two factories there and three in other countries. Started by John C. Lincoln with only $200.00 it has flourished into one of the leaders of the industry today. The reason it has flourished is the company culture. Built on strong Christian values and principals, Lincoln Electric has been able to grow and prosper. They were sure never to try and push their Christian ways on people though. Lincoln Electric became a family run business with brothers working together in various different roles. The Lincoln family had faced a great deal of adversity including the Great Depression, a large fire and typhoid fever, yet they never gave up and carried on with the company. It is this adversity they faced that I believe gave rise to their solid company culture. They understood and saw the benefits of working hard. They developed a compensation plan that pays employees for their hard work. The compensation plan pays them for their output. The more work they do the more they get paid. This works because you can make as much or as little as you want, but given the opportunity most are going to work to earn. In order to better structure the company an advisory board was created. The advisory board meets with the CEO twice a month to discuss various matters. It was during these advisory board meetings that Lincoln Electric decided to give its employees two
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