The Legacy Of The 1950s

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The 1950s marked an incredible time in United States history. Many events that lead to the inspiration of future generations were revolutionized in economic and social expenditures of paramount proportion, most notably the manufacturing of war related materials for World War II. With an economic surge that catapulted the US even further into a position of world power, several industries flourished and suburban America took shape. Of these industries, film was one of the most substantial influences on the public and subsequently sparked a multitude of emotions. The culmination of entertainment adjoined with pressing issues allowed for designations of many political agendas. Some agendas proved to be melodramatic in nature regarding social reform while others were seen as substantial regarding national safety and protection. Chosen films, such as, The Thing from Another World and Rebel Without a Cause highlighted the less conventional perception of the 1950s and the era’s inevitable push for scientific and cultural prominence in lieu of an infinite desire for dominance against formidable world contenders like the Soviet Union. In an era where scientific development had to oppose a phenomenon known as the Red Scare, America looked to build a vast empire focused on principles separated by “hard” and “soft” power. Hard power was recognized with military prowess and soft power with economic advantage. Even though the US was the economic leader by the 1890s,

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