The Legacy Of The Civil War

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The devastating years of the Civil War finally came to an end. African Americans becoming enslaved and having freedom was a huge development during reconstruction. Freedom had important changes in African American lives, education and religious practices. Due to Abraham Lincoln emancipation of slavery, freedom became a reality for many slaves. The republicans had a great impact on the reconstruction of the Civil War by creating Freedmen’s Bureau, passing the fourteen and fifteenth amendment and granting protection for freedman by passing many laws.
President Lincoln was a republican. He passed the thirteen amendment abolishing slavery which passed in congress. He signed the law Freedmen’s Bureau which gave ex-slaves the right to economic and legal resources. This law allowed slaves to reunite with family, go to school, get married, and create churches, etc. African Americans were separated from family members during slavery. After the Freedmen’s Bureau they tried everything they could to find family members. Bureau established a black newspaper to reunite family members. Parents made advertisements all over to locate their siblings. Husbands and wives also searched for each other. Slaves like Thornton Copeland placed an advertisement in the colored Tennessean in Nashville in October 1865. He was looking for his mother which he was separated from. Copeland’s advertisement stated where he left his mother and where he was sold. He also stated who he belonged to and…

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