The Legal Before 18?

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Littles 1 “Legal before 18?” By Jordan Littles "Legal before 18?" Parents And Society always put thin lines on what exactly the requirements are for being grown. Some people might agree that being grown means that you pay your own bills, have a job, and don’t live under your parents roofs. But most people agree that if you are eighteen then you are legally grown and an adult. However we still have a system that gives prosecutors the unchechecked authority to push children into the adult system. In our court system injustices are treated very differently based on a multitude of things like race, sex, etc. I am taking a stance on things based on older people fully having wisdom of the harsh crimes that they commit, whereas…show more content…
Also any offense that they committed was secondary to the juvenile offender, meaning that enforcement will only take place if the secondary offense was also committed primarily which in majority of it use it was not. Before people point the finger and automatically say that no matter what the crime is juveniles should trialed and charged as adults they don’t really seem to take into account of why exactly these juveniles actually commit these crimes. According to Graham vs. Florida In July 2003 4 teenagers attempted to rob a barbeque restaurant in Jacksonville. One of the juveniles worked at the restaurant and as an inside connect for the robbery. He left backdoors unlocked so that the other three kids could sneak in and carry out the robbery plan one night. The juveniles were asked all except Terrence graham so when one of the juveniles struck the manager in the head with a metal bar and he started yelling the two juveniles ran out and got away in a car drove by another one of the original four juveniles so graham had thought. He got arrested and pleaded guilty and that it was his first and last time getting in trouble he was originally released and his plea was accepted. Until one night in December he was caught in a home invasion including two men in their 20s. Being arrested for a second time he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Some might say
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