The Legal Considerations Of The Emergency Manager

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The Legal Considerations of the Emergency Manager This extract will elaborate on some of the legal considerations that the emergency manager must consider when conducting searches, seizures, and evacuation operations during an emergency management activity. Unfortunately with the unforeseen nature of the emergency and/or disaster one must consider whether this event involves imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, harm, lost of life or property resulting from any natural or man-made cause, the choices that must be made by local officials frequently are not easy to make in a split of a second (Nicholson, n.d.). Most of their decisions may not be the most popular choice but must be the course of action that will benefit the cause. Sometimes, critics will criticized the emergency manager for their course of action taken based on several different motives that they foresee. But we must ask ourselves are their point of view is fact based or just opinionated. For example, a flood threatens several cities and there are limited resources to aid them all; an emergency manager must decide which residential area must be preserved through sandbagging and diking. One area is considered low-income resident and low to minmiunm property values. While the other cities are considered wealthy with extremely high property values. Considering all the factors every residents can safely evacuated themselves, but still the world weighs on the emergency manager’s shoulders to make
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