The Legal Protection Of The United States

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Copyright laws in the United States are very important because it protects your work from someone claiming that it’s theirs. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), The main reason why intellectual property laws exist is because it protects the progress and well-being of humanity by creating and inventing new works in the areas of technology and culture. Second, the legal protection promotes innovation. Lastly, the promotion increases jobs, increases technological advancements, and spurs inventions. So this means that if you worked tirelessly to complete a research paper on a doctoral thesis for a method to reduce the risk of cancer in humans, you should be credited for that work. A random person cannot go and copy your work and claim it as their own. At the same time, if a photographer spent months traveling around the world taking pictures of beautiful places, things, people, etc. the photographer is protected from someone taking their photographs and using it for themselves, without giving the photographer credit. Unfortunately, people go even further with copyright in the photographer’s example, by taking the photographers pictures and putting it on a canvas or enlarging it, and sell it to people to make money, which is traditionally called piracy. Copyright covers both using someone’s work for an assignment and someone stealing your photographs and using it for themselves to make a profit, but I believe that piracy is greater of the two evils.…
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