The Legal System : Young Children Of Criminal Acts

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We are born with a sin nature, which can lead to very malicious circumstances. As we continually grow and understand the social norms in our culture, we learn what is right from what is wrong. In the tragic event of a young child not knowing these principals of right from wrong, he shot and killed a fellow student at the age of only 6 years’ old. Due to the fact that this child was at such a young age the child that committed the crime was acquitted of the charged held against him. The legal system determined that the child was not at fault because of their age and their ability to determine what is right and wrong. In this essay I want to apply concepts and theories used in developmental psychology to explain why our legal system acquits young children of criminal acts which include violence and murder.

Biological Argument(s) From infancy to around the age of six years old not only does the body dramatically change and mature but also does the brain. The growth of the brain is so fast, that a six- year-olds brain already is about the same weight of an adults (Berger, 2014). The majority of the brains weight comes from myelination, which is the process of myelin coating on the axons which helps speed up the signals between neurons (Berger, 2014). Although this rapid growth is occurring, this doesn’t mean the fine tuning of motor skills, emotional behavior, and thought processing is developed of that of which an adults are. Due to the fact that axons are not as coated with

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