The Legalization Of Marijuana

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This proposal would eliminate marijuana from the Control Substance Act and it would no longer be categorized as a Schedule 1 substance. The proposal would also require a federal permit for growing and distributing marijuana within state and national borders. The last aspect of the proposal would require for marijuana to be regulated exactly like alcohol by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco, Firearms, and Explosives. Both of these proposals are probable options for the United States, but the key question they must answer is: Should marijuana be a national issue or a states issue? When discussing current marijuana policy they are certain rules put in place, which criminalize marijuana. Stone states …show more content…

All of these factors cause a negative reaction by the public because they begin to feel untrustworthy of their national government and it makes even more difficult to enforce these rules. The United States must change their marijuana policy (rules) to something that utilizes proper scientific research; so the public can feel that the rules put in place have some legitimacy. Even if they don’t completely agree with the policy, they will have to at least perceive the law in a more positive light. One example is the restriction of texting while you drive; there is a portion of the public that doesn’t agree with this policy, but at the very least they are able to view the legitimacy of it because of the proper research that is utilized. So the national government should ask itself, if their current marijuana policy has a level of legitimacy? At the very least another question that could be asked is whether or not we have the natural right to have access to medical marijuana. Stone discusses normative rights or “rights that cannot be given to you by the government, instead they come from religion, ideology, or natural law.” In the United States we have the unalienable rights, which consists of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If this holds to be true, then the United States should not be allowed to

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