The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

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The legalization of marijuana has been a very hot topic across Canada since the 2015 federal elections.
This is because elected Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau has suggested the legalization, regulation and taxation of Marijuana. This essay will touch upon the Marxian explanation of why marijuana could be come legal, why the use of marijuana is seen as an illegal/legal activity from a Durkheimian perspective, and lastly how people view marijuana use and how they view the use of the law to regulate it.

A major theory under Marxism is the conflict theory. The conflict theory is basically a competition between two groups and different social classes. These two classes are known as the Bourgeoisie and the Ploretariat’s, or the Capitalist class and the working class. The capitalist class consists of the owners of means of production. From a Marxist perspective the capitalist class uses the law as an instrument; their needs are able to dictate the law (soc216 lecture 2). For the majority of human history, marijuana had been legal up until the 20th century when big business owners saw it as a threat to their businesses. Marxist’s argue that marijuana only became illegal because of the interests of the capitalist class at the time. The capitalist class in North America at the time were the owners big businesses such as news paper chains, and it is important to note that they were all white, and racism was very much prevalent at the time. Owners of large newspaper chains began to
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