The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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The acquired Louisiana territory doubled the size of America and allowed the boundaries of the country to be extended. This acquisition of land became to be known as the Louisiana Purchase. However, the new and unknown territory had to be explored in order to obtain an accurate sense of the strange land and what resources it had to offer. Jefferson was in need of someone brave enough who would take on the challenge and achieve success. The role best fit the appointed soldier, politician, and public administrator Meriwether Lewis. Lewis turned for assistance and invited the U.S soldier and experienced outdoorsman, William Clark, to share command of this legendary expedition. The explorers marched to the unexpected challenges and experiences that laid within the unfamiliar land. Their contributions to the extraordinary expedition provided valuable information regarding the topography and ecology the Louisiana territory had to offer. Appointed for the Position The Lewis and Clark Expedition covered 8,000 miles (13,000km) and took three years to complete. In order to appoint someone for this challenging position, certain qualities had to be present. Meriwether Lewis was a member of the state militia. After several years of serving, in 1801 he was solicited by President Thomas Jefferson to become his personal secretary. When the Louisiana territory was obtained, Jefferson offered Lewis the lead to an expedition into the unknown land. The purpose for this

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