The Libertarian Argument Analysis

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In the United States institutionalized prohibition-based cannabis policies defy widely accepted societal values, delegitimizing the state's authority of law, neglecting its responsibility to respect individual free will and ultimately, the right of self-determination. These unjustified policies take a heavy financial and social toll on society, forcing law enforcement to spend time and money to arrest a majority of non-violent, low level-offenders. In addition, marijuana policies and enforcement have been seen as inherently biased and discriminatory. Not only that, but the medical applications of cannabis are increasingly becoming recognized and accepted as a standard in terms of treating diseases and relieving physical or mental ailments. Furthermore, statistics have shown that legalization leads to a decreased use of marijuana among teens and minors. Dollar wise, cannabis…show more content…
Political activist and Libertarian representative J. Wilson comments on this saying “We believe that people own their own bodies and what they choose to put in them. That also means people own the products of their labor”(The Libertarian Argument for Legalizing Marijuana 2015). Accordingly, this accounts for why the state should have no say to arbitrarily decide what people can and can’t consume. Prohibition must be measured against the deprivation of personal freedom. Likewise, the United States has an obligation to the people to respect the right of self determination and individual free will. In this case, self ownership prevails over government regulation in regards to prohibition-based cannabis policies. Hence, reform is necessary so the fundamental of self ownership isn’t denied to individuals. The principles of human freedom should be respected by the federal
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